Upcoming Talks

May 23. University of California at Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz, CA

September 12. Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD.

September 25, University of Basel. Basel, CH.

September 28.  University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam NL.

October 17. University of Leuven. Leuven, BE.


“Hydraulic City provides a riveting account of what water pipes do to political assertion, social identity, and individual life-worlds in a charismatic metropolis. Mumbai is a crowded cityscape for urban research, but this work finds a fresh-washed window for looking at the production and contestation of the liberal city. Pellucid writing makes a sparkling stream of this book where erudition, eloquence, and empathy combine for wonderful results: a landmark contribution to social anthropology and South Asian studies.” K. Sivaramakrishnan, Yale University

“This beautifully written book is a major contribution to the growing scholarship on infrastructure, materiality, and humanity in anthropology and adjacent fields. Its major argument, which is anchored in the idea of hydraulic citizenship, will be most valuable for scholars of neoliberal and postcolonial states, of the maximum cities of the poorer parts of the world, and of the entanglement of technology and sociality in human life.” — Arjun Appadurai, author of The Future as Cultural Fact: Essays on the Global Condition